Friday, August 23, 2013

Game Cam

So far this  week we have not captured any of the relocated racoons.  We did find a tiny and thin little doe that decided to lick the  camera.  We do not know why she looks so thin.  There are plenty of food options in the area.  She looks really young and she was alone so this could be the problem.  Or she could be the momma that lost her baby to a coyote this summer. 

She just looks so sad.  We are taking her a little corn down today.  Hopefully she will find it soon and so will the coons.  On the other hand, the little monster is eating more than ever during his first week of school. It usually takes his a good two weeks to get back in the swing of things during the first of the school year as well as after Christmas break. Today was the day that the excitement left the house and the complaining returned. His favorite is "You are the worst Mommy ever.  I do not want to go to school."  Some how it is my fault that he has to get and education. 

He likes school, his teacher (finally) and all of his friends.  His problem is being told to wake up.  He is a cranky little monster in the mornings that will have a few toys taken away if he does not correct his attitude. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trapping Garden Creatures

After a long break during the heat of the summer to have a some fun with the little monster, we are back with tons of new stories and pictures.  First and foremost, he would like everyone to know that one of his dreams came true. He went for another horse ride.  He is still talking about it and all he would talk about at school when it was his turn to share what happened over summer break. 

The first thing he would like for me to write about is his little adventure with a few creatures that stalked the large trash can that holds the fish food.  Every night they would break in and eat the food, make a mess then leave without a trace.  The poor garden was tortured all summer a pack of these hungry things.  On top of that, you would think we had a bunny farm out back. (Which was what the trap was intended to catch as well.)

The little guy found a trap, set it up with a little peanut butter one night.  It worked. He caught a shy little guy.  He was relocated miles away to a very secluded wooded area where we have pictures of them thriving and growing to massive sizes.

Next, he caught "scrappy".  This feisty little guy wanted to eat the dog and break free from the cage as soon as he could.  He barked and growled more than the dog, which is very unusual since my dog tries to kill everything moving.  We left the dog at home for this relocation too. 

My son thinks he will see them again and is very hopeful.  He probably will this fall, but I am happy they are gone. They can eat up a lot of food in one night. Our game camera is set up close to the release site.  Maybe we will have a few pictures next week.  For now we are in full back to school mode.  Things are a lot smoother this year so far and he actually having fun!

Here is a video of one of the released and angry animals.