Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Short Walk

Yesterday afternoon we went on a short walk around the pond with our Bloodhound Lucy.  She went for a little swim while we watered our pumpkins, watermelons and sunflowers. She has been an amazing dog.  She loves kids and has only ever been mad one time.  She grew tired of our yorkie trying to eat her food so she snapped at him.  Other than that one time, she does not bark or growl.  She howls and moans.  Her favorite activity is hide and seek with any kid.  She is a big 100 pound kid and is even afraid of our little pumpkin patch.

 The heat has increased all of the growing with the pumpkins leading the pack.  They are huge, developing runners with flowers.  Soon little pumpkins will begin to form and grow. We pulled a few weeds to make a better path for them to spread.  Their curly, fuzzy vines are becoming stronger and stronger to support the growth of tiny little pumpkins.  We placed a few rocks painted with glow-in-the dark paint next to the center of each plant where the main root system is.  This will provide a deep root watering spot as the plants becomes larger and harder to tell where the original root system is. 

We ended the walk right before sunset with lots of high clouds in the sky. All of the plants seemed happy with their garden over looking the water. Everything is growing so fast.  Soon we will have our first tomato and pepper.  The wait is almost over for fresh veggies.  We walked home to settle in for family movie night. Soon the weather will be extremely hot and will test the strength of our little plants.


  1. Our big dog is also like that, a gentle giant. He can easily snap and completely tear off our hand in one snap; but, he doesn't even know how to growl.

    Do you know you can eat the pumpkin leaves and stem - delicious just little bit of sauteing with garlic and some salt/sugar.