Thursday, September 5, 2013

Game Camera: Natural Trophy

After a long wait for the little monster, we finally saw a few pictures of our raccoon we released to a safer place.  He seems to have found a new family as there were many different pictures.  We also caught a few rabbits, hogs, coyotes and of course deer of all sizes on the camera.  The little monster was happy to see his relocated friend happy and still a little cranky. 

After finding a few pictures here, my husband relocated the camera to a new area.  He sat if up for a few weeks before checking the pictures.  He came home with over 900 photos from that time.  All were of deer.  Most were does with their little ones running around.  One strange picture was of a doe on her back feet standing up to fight off a younger doe.  The strangest pictures are the ones I am about to post.  I have never seen anything like this except for on tv and is usually retained within the fences of a hunting ranch where daily feeding to maximize growth is used.  This picture however, is 100% natural, "free range" deer from the middle of nowhere.  There are a few dirt roads in the area, but no houses for miles.  The land is owned and used for the harvest of timber to make paper products.  I know this is not the largest deer on record, but it is a lot larger than we usually see in this area. 

If you zoom this last picture up, you can see another deer at the tip of his horns.  This is average size of a good mature buck for the area the pictures were taken in. He is also in the first picture, but harder to see.  Here  he looks tiny!


  1. Love these photos. So interesting to see the animals with no people around.

    1. It is we have watched them have new fawns and play around. It is amazing to watch the buck horns began to grow their velvet and then scrape it off at the end of summer. The babies play around like little puppies. It is too cute.