Monday, September 9, 2013

Late Summer Blooms

School has started and the weather is still steaming!  I am very excited about our Calla Lilies that are still in bloom.  They never reached the deep purple we wanted, but they are still very pretty.  It has not rained in weeks and the temps are still staying right at 100.  The high temps are making the little monster cranky and tired after school and homework.  The flowers are hating the dry, hot air.  I am tired of the heat and can not wait for a nice two day long cool, steady rain.  I have reading to catch up on and a rack of ribs waiting for a long cook in the oven.  For now, it is too hot to bake or turn the  oven on for more than a few minutes.  The dry air is full of dust bringing on allergies with massive sneezing even in the dog.  All of the potted plants have been moved into mostly shade and need massive water daily.  The only two left blooming are the Lilies and my new rusty colored mums.  The mums are a little early, but I noticed the local stores are stocking up on fall colored mums.  If mine stop blooming before Halloween I can always get more.  They have always been one of my favorites.  I would love a porch full of dark red and orange mums to great guest and little kids on Halloween.

Nothing to worry about now since no one is out moving around in the heat.  It is nice to see a little green and flashes of color in the yard that is surrounded by very dry grass and trees already loosing their leaves from lack of water.  (we have way too much land and too many trees to water everything) Hope you enjoy the last of our summer blooms while we wait for rain and ripe pumpkins!

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  1. my calla also never reach deep almost black purple colour as is is supposed to, nevertheless it is still pretty.