Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dahlia - Garden Wonder

My first Dahlia, Garden Wonder, is finally blooming.  This is the bright red one the little monster picked out back in the spring.  Even with the lack of rain and temps souring to over 100 on most days, this little bloom looks amazing.  We also have three more set to bloom in the coming week.

The little one is amazed at the deep reds and the size of the blooms.  I will just let the pictures speak for the flower.  They are not the best at capturing the color since the sun has been relentless this week. 


  1. i plant 3 tubers of dahlia garden wonder too shipped all the way from Holland, none made it! Your dahlia is beautiful! thanks for sharing the photo.

  2. Gorgeous. I keep meaning to try dahlias but worry about our wind getting them. I would need stakes!

    1. We use stakes. Not much wind, but one heavy rain will knock them down.