Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Southern Cold Front in May?

The garden has finally taken off after a late start here. The weather is now calling for more temps in the thirties with rain and cloud for the rest of the week. The rain is more than welcome, but the cold is not. My poor zinnia and carnations have just popped their first leaves through the ground.

The Dahlias and lilies have seemed to grow an inch each the past Few days Friday night will be a tough one for the little guys with the huge dip in temps. Hopefully they will pull through well.

The sunflowers and strawberries love their new home. For now. Everything has been growing well, but it seems the weather has other plans. I might as well enjoy a little homemade cold weather foods this week. I am working on a veggie soup now and then I am thinking chilli for Friday nights extremes.

The fish have also been spawning well. We have little babies everywhere! We used a little metal trap that they swim into on their own through vents on the side. They stay safe in the little wire mesh. We pull it out, check the breed and size and then release them back into the pond.

Hopefully they will find deeper hiding places away from the bigger fish during the cold.


  1. How interesting with the fish. They're too cute.
    Stay warm!

    1. We will try! Just made a huge pot of veggie soup so that is helping.