Monday, May 20, 2013


Finally the start of the first fishing week of the year for us.  This is the beginning of one of the two weeks my brother and I actually completely get along with no fighting at all.  We are usually pretty close but we disagree on a few things.  This week we will not and a week next month will be the same.  It has been this way for years during our annual fishing trips.  I am waiting for him to wake up now so we can begin our brother/sister bonding for the day and maybe find a few fish while we are telling stories about complete idiots. 

This weekend turned out great. The little monster got to do his two favorite things: catch fish and eat them.  He even caught a long nose gar that he proceeded to ride like an alligator.  I think he has watched too much tv. 

 my brothers baby bass
 my colorful little guy
 my large pink bream

Saturday was very pretty out for fishing and then an early family fish fry.  The weather was so nice we even talked our grandmother into coming to eat.  Although she will not turn down fish, bacon or potatoes.  I am thinking she was there more for the fish since she sees us every day any way. We had a great dinner thanks to my brother, his wife and our mom and dad. I did nothing and a very proud of that.  It hardly ever happens that way.

We had so much fun fishing for a few hours before dinner.  I got a much need break from the little monster although he was slightly angry that he did not get to go with us the first time out.  He did  a little fishing with mom and more swimming.  He was so tired he even took an elusive nap. Then, ate more than any of use at dinner.

It is a little cloudy today, but we are going back out in the boat for a little while.  Afterward, it is back home for me to get the little monster through his last week of school and finish mowing the yard before the storms come in. I can not wait to see my flowers!


  1. the fish are very colourful, is the yellow spotted fish edible?

    1. Yes it is, but we put them back. This was the largest of it's kind I have ever caught. They stay small.

  2. Is that your pond and the fish from your pond? Aww! you had a superb weekend, it seems :-). Great.

    1. No we are at the lake this week and next. I can not wait for our pond fish to be this big!