Monday, May 6, 2013

New Growth This Weekend

The cold has come and hopefully is gone. I was amazed at the new growth this weekend with such low temps. Yesterday afternoon the sun came out and warmed up enough to get outside for a little cleaning. Toys are picked up in the yard and the grass has finally had it's first trim.

I was very happy to find a yellow iris in full bloom. The rain and cold weather had kept us inside for a couple days. It felt good to be back in the sun for a little. The pale yellow of the iris gradually becomes a little brighter towards it's center where it is met with a little brown detail.  This flower looked perfect as the sun was setting.

I also found the first Elephant Ear of the year gradually unfolding it's first leaf.  This is a bulb that my mom usually plants every year in a large container.  This one is in a slightly smaller container surrounded by Alyssum and placed at one of the sitting areas around the pond.

I checked on the little guys Sunflowers while I was at the pond.  They have held up great during the past two cold nights.  He helped me give them a little water.  He used my phone to take a few of his own pictures.  He is very proud of these little guys.  There will be many pictures to come from him since I finally found his Ipod touch.   (The little guy and his dad where responsible for looking under his bed where I knew it was.  The did not find it.  I waited a few weeks, looked under the bed, and guess what I found two inches away from the flashlight they had used during their search.)  He loves taking pictures to share.  He has also read a few comments that have been left for me.  He was so happy!  Thanks to everyone that has dropped us a line or two!  He loved them and wanted to read them over and over. 

A restful, cold weekend ended with a lot of new growth and few hours of yard work.  The lawn looks perfect, hanging baskets are filling out, and my poor little pepper plants have perked up after spending the weekend inside with a little heat.  I also found the first two tiny little strawberries emerging.  It is getting harder to wait until the first plant provides the first veggie of the summer.  I am craving a bowl of fresh purple hull peas seasoned with just a little salt and diced up hot peppers.

This week we have watermelons, pumpkins and squash to get started in the garden.  We also have a spiral plant tower to add plants to and maybe we will surprise the little monster with a few baby turkeys to raise.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Hi Little Guy, I am sorry I don't know your name; that's why I am using the name your mother used in the blog :-). How are you doing? I love your red flowers and all the seedlings and growings (like the lemon plants that's coming from your planted seeds) that you do. I am a math professor in far-away NJ. Do you like math and science? I hope you like Math and Science and grow up to study them. Through those studying, you will come to know a lot about plants and flowers. Are you planning to grow any fruits or vegetables this year?

    1. I am good. I am really good at math and reading. I really really really like 18 wheelers and I want to be a driver and I am going to haul other 18 wheelers. I am going to grow one or two fruits and a lot of flowers. We are growing okra, a lot of tomatos, and pumpkins for Halloween.

      (Thank you KL! He was so excited after school today when I told him about your message. He came straight home and answered with all his favorites. Hope you have a great day since you made him so happy today!)

  2. Glad to see all the little plants are hanging on in the cold. Nice to see that elephant ear coming up!

    1. It is and we found another coming up this afternoon.