Thursday, May 30, 2013

Things to do with your son during summer

I am slightly is awe of all of the pages I have been reading.  I mean seriously, the ideas and list I have read of things to do with your kids during the summer are just plain stupid.  Well, not stupid but things anyone should know how to do or could do if they would just shut off the tv and step outside. Do we really need someone to tell us how to use sidewalk chalk? All of the list are plain activities that any kid should be able...hmmmm allowed to do.  What is wrong with the world when someone has to tell you that it is OK for your child to go play in the dirt with cars?  Why are so many parents afraid to let their child play outside in the dirt or mud?  We have showers or baths that are usually given daily anyway.

The activities on most of the list I have read, my son and I do on a daily basis.  I was searching in hopes of getting a few new ideas to change things up. No such luck.  So here is our list.  The list in the order that he tells me to type them, starting with his favorite.

1.  The sandbox.  This was also my favorite as a child.  There is so much to do.  Add water or don't.  Use one car or twenty.  Grab a tree branch to landscape your creation.  Dig tunnels or just let it sift through your fingers.  The sandbox is better than any video game, but oh my gosh what about the tiny grains of sand or the bugs? Get over it.  Your child's sandbox is cleaner than any toilet or sink they will touch at school and probably better than their pencil too.  Yes a cat could use it as a litter box and then fleas could over take it. (You could also fall while walking today, but I bet you will at least get up for the bathroom or to get a snack.) No problem, cover it after use.  You should be watching your child anyway and not on the other side of the planet texting. You can even cover and text at the same time.  Once a month add a little cinnamon and tea tree oil to "season" your sand and prevent tiny bugs including fleas.  Yes, it is that easy.  Don't have a sand box? No problem.  Play on the ground.  That bald spot on your lawn is there for a reason.....your child to play in. So you live in an apartment, yeah, it's called a park.  Some look like the structures outside of your local school with the slide things.  The bright colors usually give them away. (There are also small inside sandboxes or email me if you need help building one. They are really not as messy as you are thinking.)

2.  Swim and then swim again.  This could happen anywhere from extra tub time to a local pool to the beach.  We cheat. We had a large pool, now a large pond plus we live within a few minutes of a lake and a couple of rivers.  There is also a natural spring on our property so we have this one easy.  There are many stores that sell water toys.  Get some.  Most are cheap and easy or spend as much as you want.  Don't want to spend money?  Screw a two litter soda bottle onto a water hose an stab a few holes in it for a sprinkler. Give them a bowl, cup or strainer from the kitchen while in the tub.  Play in the rain.  As long as it is not lightning, it is safe and the most fun your child will have. Ever. This is also your last chance at being a kid again so go for it.  As they grow older so do you. Use sunblock (helps with the aging) and let the kids play long enough that you have to re-apply it. 

3. Plant something in the ground or in a container. We play in the garden every day.  I do mean  play.  We take care of our plants first by watering, harvesting and looking for bugs or weeds. Here is the shocker.  While doing this we actually touch the soil.  We might use our hands to dig weeds  out or we might actually sit on the ground be it dirt or grass.  We may even find a bug or two to examine.  It is a great learning experience for him.  Kids will see how things grow and how animals or bugs are useful and harmful. Don't know what you are doing? Then learn together as you go.  You found this blog, surely you can research a little plant or bug. Most plants even come with a little piece of cardboard with directions on how to care for it.  Don't forget number 2..... while watering have a water fight.

4.  Eat ice cream and make ice cream. Do it often and at unexpected times.  I have even surprised him with an ice cream bar during bath time.  Sit on you front door steps talking and eating.  Eat by your sand box, during a movie, (there is usually a pause button at home) after watering your garden, before watering, while watering.  Take a cue from Dr. Suess.  Eat it anywhere.  Well almost.  My son has been caught on the toilet with a bag of chips he squeezed by me.  I do not recommend that for the record.  Make simple frozen treats by freezing their favorite drink.  The dollar store has little brightly colored trays you can use to make this easier and cheaper.  They look similar to ice cube trays.  The secret to popsicle trays is that there is a stick for holding the frozen goodies while eating them. Want a  frozen fudge bar? Mix up some milk with chocolate syrup or a little chocolatey hazelnut for the ones not allergic to nuts. Fill your little trays with the sticks and of course pop in the freezer.

 New water toy.
 Using the toy as a reason to get deeper into the water the next day.
 All his idea from pot to flowers and all growing with  his care.
 My flowers.  He planted and helped hang. We have watched it go from tiny little flowers to an overflowing basket.

Yes, he is swimming in the rain and no it was not a thunderstorm with lightning.
My pretty purple toes playing in the sand.

Well, those are our top four and since it took up quiet a bit of space, I will post more later.  It is not a list of 101 things to do during summer, but it is things we do daily.  Maybe I am too easy going or too much of a child myself.  I do love my tv, but I also love being outside with my child.  It keeps us both active and happy.  Now I am off to play in the rain with my little monster since a little shower has just popped up.


  1. are getting annoyed by parents afraid of letting their kids play in the dirt. What if I tell you that there are parents nowadays who goes to professors (so you can imagine these kids are all adults, above 18; some are like 21, 22, 23...) demanding to know about their wards performance; or if the performance is not good, then blaming on the professors (even when the student never showed up for class or studied anything). I can speak so from first hand experience :-). Can you imagine? 22 years old are adults; it's their lives; if they are failing, then they should be held responsible and that can be such a good life-long lesson. Hallelujah! nope! no such lessons imparted by the parents. That's why there is a term for these parents -- helicopter parents.

    1. This makes me so mad. They should have done their job in childhood and leave you alone. How will their adult child ever learn to account for their actions? Here is a shocker, maybe blame the hunger over student that is not going to class because they know mommy will take care of it. The lack of respect is awful! Yeah I make my child clean his room. It is not child abuse it is teaching him to take care of his stuff as well as himself. This is why I do not teach any more. It is pretty depressing when a computer has to tell you how to use chalk, bubbles and water!