Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Planting Tomatoes...Ending with a Swim

Monday afternoon we planted more tomatoes.  My little monster said that we needed more tomatoes to eat with salt, so we planted more.  He also finally realized that they are the key ingredient in salsa.  He said that we could never have enough tomatoes then.  I swear him and my mother eat ten pounds or more of them a week. 

We finished off a raised bed to put a few more plants in.  This bed is not full yet since the little monster planted a few seeds that are not big enough to transfer to this bed.  We have a few spots saved for them. That is why the bed is not full in the pictures below.

We up-cycled an old, larger bed.  The wood was cut to three foot by nine foot, nailed together, and then filled with dirt.  I was out of pins and stakes, so we just used a few rocks to hold down the lining for now.  We used a bought lining to prevent weeds.  Some of our other beds have newspaper.   (We are fresh out of reading material to use as a weed preventative.)  This small step will help out a lot in the long term since we have so much going on in the ground. 

We cut out the planting spots for the plants and in they went.  Once they were all in the ground, the kid got to have fun with the water. A good drenching of the newly planted tomatoes ended the project, but not the fun.  He watered the other twenty plus tomato plants around the yard. 

Since he was already wet, we went to the pond to feed the fish and check on growth down there.  We had a few little sunflowers that had been eaten on by something, but everything else looks amazing.  Wisteria seedlings are growing fast, elephant ears are getting huge, and the little fish are feeding well.

The little monster decided it would be a great day for a swim with the fish.  So off he went.  Snorkel and all. The dog and ducks even joined him!  He had so much fun that he did not mind taking a shower.  He usually fights me on this every night.  Then, he turns around and fights me when it is time to get out.  It turned out to be a great day around the house.  That is until night fell and a mocking bird decided to sing all night from they bed he had made in the  middle of my petunias!

 The pipes sticking up are structures to provide a fish habitat.
 Looking for fish, frogs and turtles.
 I do not know how he swims because he will not stop talking.
 Finally got to see his eyes!
 The three male ducks we have left.
The guardian of the house and keeper of the fish.


  1. What a wonderful childhood. Learning about plants, and growing his own food. And then getting to swim and enjoy a pond, and learning even more about water creatures. No wonder he won't quit talking!

    1. I hope he has great memories! He has always wanted to know where things come from or how they are made. So now he can see how a few of them grow.

  2. Honestly, I am jealous of your boy's childhood :-). My goodness -- he is really having an awesome childhood - gardening, enjoying nature, learning about animals, pond, swimming. And, he eats such a healthy food compared to most kids. Keep it up you all :-)

    1. Thank you! I grew up the same but had more cousins to play with and no pond. Plus I am a picky eater. I won't even eat half the things he will. I am lucky to have such an amazing, well rounded, easy going, out spoken country boy!