Monday, May 27, 2013

The Lake

A weekend of fun at a nearby lake had the little monster completely happy and tired.  He enjoyed all of the traditional camping stuff like fishing, tubing and campfires with s'mores. He took a few toys like his toy truck with boat, trailer and play fishing gear complete with little plastic fish.  Now we are at home taking meds for a cough and stuffy nose. 

 One afternoon riding around on the water.
 Waiting very impatiently for his Uncle to cook lunch (I have an amazing hush puppy recipe I need to post soon) so he could eat then get back to what he loves.
 His surprise tubing. He loved, but was ready to catch a few fish.
Finally, caught his own and stopped his complaining. Well at least for a little while. Then he was just too tired for anything but enjoyed it too much to quit.

So we bribed him with more chocolate, fish and ice cream.  He did not make the ice cream he was out until just a few hours ago.

Hopefully, we gave him a few more fun memories.  I will check on the garden today since he is so snotty.  He will fight me over it, but I think he needs a little more rest so he can get over this junk sooner and back out there with me in the garden.  This is nothing new.  Every year he will get sick at Christmas or during the first week of summer break from school.  At least relaxing is one of my favorite things to do and he loves to snuggle when he does not feel well.  Bonus!!

This will give us time to plan out next water adventure. We are thinking of a float trip in North Arkansas.  I think he would love the mountains and riding in a canoe would make him super happy.  What are your plans for the summer?  Any ideas for me and the little monster?


  1. Float Trip means boat trip all the way to northern Arkansas? That will be super awesome; you don't need any ideas from us :-). We love outdoors and all sorts of outdoor activities. So, I am feeling excited thinking about all the fun you had this weekend. We were busy fixing the house and the garden.

    1. Float trip mean a stay in a tent or cabin on the Buffalo or much tamer White River since we have a little one. Then a half day or day long canoe float down the river with swimming and lunch breaks by gorgeous rock cliffs. I would like to try something new in a different state though. Thank you for reading!!!! We will have tons to share about our outdoor adventures this summer. How is you garden after all the work this weekend?