Friday, March 29, 2013

Another Cloudy Day for Planting

A rainy morning turned into a cloudy day.  It is not as cold as it has been or as windy, but still a little chilly.  Last week I had planted a few white Alyssum seeds in a container and placed them in a warm spot indoors.  A few days ago I noticed the little sprouts coming up!  I have plans to move them to my potted rose bush when they grow a little more.  I think they will add a cute little ground cover to the base of the rose. 

Since the white seeds are doing so well, I decided to try a few pink ones.  We placed them around a few potted plants.  My little  monster added a light layer of cover on them, then of course had to add the water.  He said not just any water would do.  It had to be water from the pond since he wanted some of these little flowers around his lemon trees.  (According to him, lemon trees will grow more with pond water instead of tap water.)

We had a few super cold nights, so we stuck his trees back in a pot because they were already starting to bud out.  I was afraid the cold might hurt them.  Then, he saw my new little seedlings and said he had to have some to be friends with his trees.  They would all grow faster because they would never be lonely. 

Well he has pretty good reasoning and seems to be learning loads from our gardening adventure.  Next step : Okra....when the weather decides to warm a little.  For now we are sticking with a few flowers.  I can not wait to hear what he has to say about his first bite of food that he has planted and taken care of all by himself.  It should be amusing since he is so animated. 

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