Friday, March 29, 2013

Turkey Burgers

I have started eating these instead of hamburgers.  My husband does not feel the same way.  He says there is not replacement for real meat.  He is not the brightest though.  I would rather have a well seasoned turkey burger any day instead of a beefy more fatty burger.  So here is how I do it.

1 lb of turkey meat
1 package or dry ranch dressing mix
a dash of salt
a few squirts of liquid smoke, Worcestershire, or your favorite similar brand

That is all.  Mix it up well. It will make around three burgers, grill them for a few minutes, then add your favorite toppings.  I love a little pepper jack cheese, light mayo, tomato and lettuce on a whole wheat bun.

If you have never cooked a turkey burger before, they will be lighter in color than beef.  They will also not shrink up like most beef burgers.  The pictures below are what my husband cooked for dinner tonight.  He diced up a few red potatoes, added a little bacon grease, chicken seasoning, salt and pepper.  He know this is my favorite food, so he must be wanting to purchase something with a high value.  He never cooks.  There is a reason behind this.  I will find out over the next few days.... for now it smells amazing!  Might as well enjoy, plus I just bought a new cough so I can not really complain.

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