Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lemon Tree From Seeds

Last summer my little boy decided he wanted to plant the seeds he found in his store bought lemon.  He placed a few into a pot with fertile top soil and left them outside for the the rest of the summer and winter.  The twigs sticking out of the ground in the photo above is what he had this year.  He did not think they were alive until the pot was going to be used for something else.  That is when he saw that they had huge roots and tiny green leaves beginning to come out.  He did nothing special to the little seeds other than let them dry for a few days, then plant them.

Hopefully this afternoon the sun will make an appearance so I can take a few photos of the little green that is showing on them. They are about a foot tall, so I told him to go find a place that he would like to plant them.  He took the two biggest and went straight to the bank of the pond.  He dug the hole himself, covered them up, then added some water to them.

 The picture above is not the best since it has been cloudy the past few days.  You can barely see the little trees sticking up.  He checks on them every day to see if they need more water or dirt "because he has plans for those lemons".  He is taking great care of them for a little guy with a small attention span. He planted them and forgot them during the winter, but once he saw they were still alive, his interest came back in full force.  I am very proud of him for wanting to do things like this.  He understands that some things take time, some things need a little attention, and some things reward you for what you give them.  He told me that today we are planting okra and tomatoes since those are his favorite.  A seven year old that loves pickled okra? I may have created a slightly odd child, but he loves his veggies! He will turn down pizza for a tomato with salt on it any day. How many moms can say that?

Are there any other kids with strange cravings?  This is the first I have known of pickled okra in a child.


  1. Awww..bless him. He must be sweet and responsible for doing all these. We do not give credit to children often but they can so responsible and caring and full of empathy which can put us adults into shame. Where are you that you can already plant all those outside!?

  2. We are in Arkansas. Pear trees started blooming this week, so we decided to get out and have a little fun!

  3. How wonderful! I have often wondered about planting seeds from some of the citrus that I eat. I may have to follow your son's lead and plant some of them! That's a lot of growth for one year! Impressive! And as for children that like odd things - my granddaughter loves green olives! I've never seen many children that like those! Hooray for your son for loving vegetables!

    1. That is funny! My son will eat black olives, but not green. Good luck with planting. I have been seeing a lot of lemon trees that are being used inside the home. Ours are still budding out, so I will update the pictures in a few weeks to show the growth.