Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Tulips

The sun finally came out today and the wind has calmed down.  It is still a little chilly in the lower 50s, but I could not help going for a walk this afternoon and getting a little fresh air with sunshine.  I was so excited to see a few tulips blooming!  The cute little red ones are just beginning to bloom  in one of the surrounding flower beds. 

There are some that were planted in a pot that are doing really well.  They should start blooming in the next week or so.  It is always uplifting to see the first colors of spring.  Soon there will be flowers every where.  Flowers over flowing from hanging baskets, climbing arches along a path and creating colorful ground cover. 

There are a very pretty light red with a little orange accent around the edge.  I am ready to go flower shopping now that things are starting to grow with ease.  Everything is so pretty so the hard part will be not to buy the entire store.I like to stick with colors that compliment each other. I like a good variety as well.  This will ensure that something is in bloom all summer.

Off to buy a few new things in the morning.  I am thinking for starting with a cute hanging basket that will eventually overflow and cascade down throughout the summer.  Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions to help narrow my search?  I have a few in mind, but have never made a hanging basket before.  I want to put it together my self instead of buying one already planted.  Planting is the fun part of showcasing your flowers and garden!  Any input would be very welcome!

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