Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our Backyard Pond

It is warming up and the ducks are starting the nest.  The fish are beginning to move around a little more.  Bugs are getting snapped up by the little fish hiding below.  Everything is coming to life in the back yard.  Except flowers.  The pond was stocked just a little over a year ago.  It has had it's ups and downs with water rising and falling after a very long drought this past summer.  It is holding its own now and beginning to fill again as the natural spring below it has started flowing. 

Water is looking great, fish feeding great, so now it is time to do a little landscaping.  There are already birdhouses and duck boxes all around the water.  I think that it needs a little color from a few flowers.  I have planted a few wisteria to be added down there in a few years.  My son transplanted his two little lemon trees down there. I think the first thing on my plant list will be a few lilies.

The ducks are out of food so a trip to see what is available in the local garden department is in order. Who knows what I will come up with.  Maybe while planting I will find my first duck egg.  I have been told they are the best for baking.  Can not wait to try that out.


  1. Oh, a pond with a natural spring! How wonderful! And wisteria and lilies around it sound so romantically lovely.

    1. I can not wait for things to start growing and blooming around it!