Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Amazing Spring Weather

 The sunny and wet West side of the house.

It has been windy again today.  Today the wind has been very welcome.  Temps have been mid 80's today and of course our spring curse is back in full force, even at our new home.  The air conditioner broke yesterday afternoon.  Every spring no matter where we live this event tags along with us.  So with all the pollen hanging around I reluctantly opened all the doors to get a little draft. 

The little monster could not sleep last night since it never cooled below 75 inside and he loves his cold temps for sleeping.  This morning went better than expected with the lack of sleep and it being a school day. (He hates getting up for school.) I wanted to save myself the complaining two nights in a row, so I was on a mission to fix the thing.

I went to have a part tested for the air conditioner.   It worked and the local store was great enough to give me a tip on what to look for next.  To make a long day a  short story, my Uncle and I decided to take the next part and get a new one. We were sure it would work. Nope. Nothing.  Finally, gave up and called someone.  They we on their way.  Set to be here two hours ago.  Still nothing. 

A front is on the way in, after some massive storms in the next 24 hours.  The cold front will feel amazing at this point.  I can not wait for the temp to drop.  A few clouds popped up about an hour ago.  Thunder began to roll and we began to rearrange hanging baskets to avoid damage.  

The thunder went around us then the sun came back out.  On one side of the house.  The other side stayed cloudy.  Then the crazy weather took over.  The cloudy side of the house remained completely dry.  The sunny side of the house had a pretty good rain coming down.  My son loved it and of course had to go stand in the rain. Then go stand on the side without the rain.

The cloudy, dry East side of the house.

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