Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Gardener

The little monster went shopping again this weekend. While I was looking around he found a huge red water can and a black pot he wanted. He said black was best so we could write what we planted in the pot on the outside with his chalk. Smart little guy!

He picked out his potting soil to fill the container. Then he went for the flowers I knew it would be something red. Always red. He found a huge Dahlia tuber already producing seven or eight long eyes. Placed it in the shopping cart like a pro then went to the annuals.

He took his time starting with the bright red petunias and finally ending on a plant I have never used before. He grabbed a six pack of them because they looked like trees! Of course they were red.

As soon as we got home we filled the container half full of rich potting soil. He leveled it out, added a little lime and his tuber. He had to hold the tuber in place while I poured on more soil since one eye had already produced a fragile three inch stalk he had to protect at all cost!

He topped off the container, gently covering his dahlia. Next came the little red trees as he called them for the edges. He dug his first three holes around the edge of the container. Gently pulled his little annuals from their flimsy home, separated the bottom of each root, and carefully placed them into their new home.

He did the same with the next three while I watched with little direction to give. He is a pro by now! All finished, I carried it to be placed by my red rose where he wanted it to stay. He filled his watering can and watered all our flowers that afternoon. I sat back and watched. Enjoying the view of him working and not me.

While watering he found that his zinnia seeds had sprouted! He was so excited that he wanted to plant more at the pond. He ended up planting more sunflowers, zinnias and carnations. Then the tadpoles distracted him. Apparently now we are raising a hoard of the tiny things!


  1. Your son is a pro as far as gardening is concern:-)) He already made up his mind and went after it, RED,RED & more RED.

    1. Thank you! I am very proud of him. Dad, not so much. I told dad that farmers were real men and put in the hardest work! ;)

  2. It seems like his favorite color is red. How did he learn all these? For how long have he been doing this? It's amazing.

    I love these red-flowers all the time. What are they?

    1. Yes, he loves red. The "trees" are called Medium Celosia. I have seen them before but never used them. He found a cute little pink one today while watering. He planted lemon seeds last year and that is about it. This is his first full year truly planting since we are finally back to our roots in the country. We are close to a lot of family so he has acres and acres to play with! He already has a plan for this weekend. I am excited about it.