Monday, April 15, 2013

My Favorite Spring Photos

This is a very cute little tulip at my mother's.  

The first flower of my new Snowfire rose is starting to form! I can not wait for this little guy to open.

Spring is not complete with out the dramatic weather it brings.
A sunset over the pond while a few of the ducks are swimming.  A little uplifting since a fox just carried off our only female duck while she had finally began to sat on her eggs.  Made a few of us really mad.  I am not a big fan of the fox.
The favorite spot for my little guy.  He grabbed my phone, yes that is his shadow and no he is not that big, to take a picture of the race track he had made.  Unfortunately he did not take the picture to show me.  He took it to text to a friend that he wanted to come play with him.  He has crazy thoughts sometimes.... Most of the time.

My two little guys fishing in the pond that is finally starting to rise after the nasty drought last year.  The fish are doing very well despite the shrinkage of their habitat over the winter.  This is one of the smaller catfish we have been seeing.  He was put back in to swim a little more.
Finally, Spring around our home is not complete without opening day at the ball field.  The poor little man was so tired by the end of the day he made his bed, added a few pillows and told his dad it was time for them to go to sleep.  All of this before nine pm!  My poor little guy was busy this weekend.  He usually will try everything to stay up past nine on a school night and weekends we usually stay up late watching movies or playing games!  He had a great weekend and was really happy.  That is all that counts in the end. 

These are not the greatest photos every taken. No where close, but they tell the story of us during the changing weather.  What we love as a family. I better throw in a picture of our little Serrano peppers since that has been one of my husbands favorites this year.
And of course the crappie he caught.  This little guy is back in the pond starting his spawning season off great for us.



  1. Love the photo of the sunset--beautiful! I'm looking forward to the start of baseball season, too; my grandson is in his second-year of T-ball--so much fun to watch. Thanks for visiting me; let's hope our spring weather isn't too dramatic this year!

    1. Thank you. Hoping is always good! Good luck with the T-ball! You will have to update me. This will be my little guys third year on pitching machine, but he went straight into that. They would get three swings off the machine then three off a T if they missed their pitches. He loves it, but this year starts the strike rule with no T!

  2. Did you change the design of your blog? It seems like so. Your little guy will have such lovely and fond memories as he grows up. Bless him. Does this whole pond belong to you guys? Ah! you are lucky.

    1. Yes, I deleted a few annoying things on the blog since I finally had the time. Let me know what you think. I hope the little guy does. I know me and my cousins do. We all grew up close. My Grandparents owned a little land so each of their three boys got to choose where they wanted to build. They each got over ten acres, with my Dad being the baby he chose last and came out with a lot more plus a natural spring running down the middle. On the other side of the spring is around 8 acres he is letting us build on. That being said, the pond is around 4 acres I think and sits behind my Dad's house. My brother has about the same amount of land on the other side of our building site, so it is owned by Dad. I do have the only grandchild so we are there every day. It has been full and stocked for around a year and a half. We all work together and my uncles even come around with their grandchildren on the weekends. This summer will be a hard one with the recent passing of my Grandfather that put all of this into motion. He loved his rocking chair watching all of us grow up from his porch across the road.