Monday, April 1, 2013

Duck Egg

We finished all of the cooking and after a full day of egg dying, we finally got to hunt them!  The little monster said to hide them really good because his school egg hunt looked like they were just thrown out on the lawn.  So I laugh at him a take off down to the pond with his basket full of colorful eggs. I set the wide boundaries then started hiding them under leaves, beside rocks and even in the breading pipes that were just placed at the edge of the water for the fish.  He is a boy and I firmly believe in a little mud. I had already told him to put on his rain boots because I was going to get him dirty.  Whats the fun in a clean egg hunt?  You do them all the time.

Plus I had missed ALL of last Easter's  Kindergarten activities due to stupid kidney stones.  I think I was just as excited as he was, plus we were going to fish after all the eggs were found.  I walked through all the rocks on the bank, found all of the little holes in the grass and was pretty happy with my egg hiding abilities. A mother only gets a few good years of things like this. I go get the little man since he could not wait any longer.  I tell him the only rules: They are between a foot of water and the trail around the pond, and yes you can get in the water. (His favorite past time is seeing how long he can wade in the water, scooting out inch by inch until the water slowly reaches the top of his boot, then fills it full of water.)

He had so much fun, he wanted me to help him a little and tag along as he walked around.  We came to one spot that had a lot of white round rocks, few hidden eggs and a tiny clump of grass.  He wanted me to tell him if he was getting closer of farther away from the hidden eggs.  He grabbed up two then started moving on.  I stayed put. I told him I thought he had missed one somewhere.  I kept staring, thinking something was not right.  Then it hit me.  This egg was white.  No color anywhere.  plus I did not hide any out in the open that easy to find.  But a solid white egg among the white rocks on the edge of the soft grass it lay on, made it well hidden.  So hidden in fact that I did not see it while hiding the other eggs.

I was so excited. The past week I had been walking around the pond looking for a nest or egg everywhere with no luck. Then how ironic for us to find our first duck egg while hunting strategically hidden chicken eggs! Who doesn't love ducklings or amazing cakes baked from duck eggs?
I will go walking again this afternoon. Hopefully I will find another.  We lost one of the adult ducks two nights ago probably due to this big black stray dog.  Maybe, he will leave the others alone. 

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