Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Fish Dog...

This is our little dog Toby.  He is a four year old typical Yorkie.  He hates most people. Well, at least he tries to avoid them. He loves his afternoon naps, early bed time, bacon, and fried okra. Yeah, apparently my entire family has a thing for okra. He hates any bird, squirrel, someone being mean to my little boy, most children in general, being woke up and cold weather.  He acts like a little old man with mood swings.  He has his routine and does not like to change it.

He knows when it is time to go get the little monster from school and he knows after dinner it is time to go to the pond.  These are the only two things he gets really excited about.  He loves to be by the water and would probably never leave as long as one of the three of us were there with him 24 hours.

Mainly he will sit on the bank right beside your fishing line if you are fishing.  If not he will watch the tiny little fish come up and eat a few feet from the edge of the water.  He is anxious the whole time.Shaking his whole body as if he is cold or vibrating.  Then, when the action starts with the bigger fish feeding, he can barely sit still.  Sometimes he will wade out a little to get a closer look, but he usually stays on the bank. Waiting. If a big enough fish gets close enough, he will go get it and try to run it up onto the bank for better inspection since most fish are now too big for him to catch alone.

He loves to fish.  He will stay sitting, like in the first picture above, all day unless there is a fish on the line.  Then he wants it.  He is more obsessed with fish than duck dogs are with ducks.  He makes me laugh ever day while he is watching the fish.  It is kind of like a cat trying to get into an aquarium.  He is the only fish dog I know. I think he is the best fish dog, but I am a little biased in my opinion.  He is the definition of a little country Yorkie.  Maybe he will start bring home dinner for us instead of us feeding him for him!

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