Sunday, April 14, 2013

White Iris Blooming

After a very busy day yesterday, this morning I looked around at all of the things blooming while I had the house to myself.  It was a very quiet morning.   No boys snoring or begging for breakfast.  This only happens a few times a year, so I really enjoy it.  It is a little chilly and windy, but temps should start climbing soon well into the 80's.  Hopefully all of  my plants will get a big boost from a great spring day.

The white iris is looking great and I spotted a purple one too.  I do not know their names.  They originally came from my grandmothers years ago.  Plus there is no telling how many years she had them in her yard.  Maybe the peach colored ones will began to bloom soon.  The white ones are so bright this year.  I will have to take her a few pictures to show her by the end of the week.  She loves an iris! 

There are around three different colors around this tree.  I need to do a little work and get some of the leaves out.  Then thin them out a little, moving a few down to the banks of the pond. 
This is the first highly colored iris of the year.  It is very bright and will have more blooms in the next few days.  Again I do not know the name since they have truly been around for a few of decades.  They are very hardy to last that long.  Not to mention being mowed down occasionally by a cranky male.  Once they have been cut down, they will grow back.  They may not produce a flower that year, but they will stay around for another try in hopes of avoiding another trim. 

They are not my favorite flower, but still very pretty.  I guess since I have seen them so much they sort of get looked over.  My grandmother, mother and husbands grandmother have yards full of them in all colors.  So I have never really purchased an iris.  One of them would go into their garden and pull a few of the ones I wanted.  Then, throw them in the back of the truck to bring home to add where I wanted.  Same thing with yellow day lilies.

I am addicted to day lilies for some reason.  I prefer the ones with more color and the double blooms.  An iris or day lily grow well here with not too much care in our region and will come back the next year with a few extra friends.  My plans for this afternoon are to plant my new white and purple day lilies.


  1. I've never purchased an iris either. All from family and friends. Love the white iris. Just so refreshing to see that clean white in the spring.

  2. You are far ahead of me in your Iris blooming. One of my very favorite blooms. Thanks for stopping by and I am following now.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I loved reading your blog this morning! I am a little farther south, so you will catch up soon. :)