Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chocolate chip pancakes

This is our favorite pancake recipe. We take a basic recipe from the Bisquick box and add a little chocolate to it.  I often alter the recipe since there are only a few of us eating, or I will make the entire recipe and add half to a bottle for use the next day. 

I usually use a bottle similar to a restaurant ketchup bottle you can find on their tables with the thin pointy top for squirting.  The bottle is also great for making special shapes with pancakes.  The batter needs to be placed in the bottle before the chocolate chips are added since they will get stuck or not pass through the thin tip, unless you cut the tip in half for a thicker flow.

We use the pancake recipe or the waffle recipe for a little different taste.  Both work great for adding your favorite flavors.  After everything is mixed up well, I will add just enough chocolate chips to get one in almost every bite.  I like the batter a little thick so we get a nice and fluffy breakfast.  Cook well on each side, add to a plate with a little whip cream and kids will be happy.

If you really like chocolate, try adding a just a little Coco to the mix before adding your chocolate chips. It does not take much.  Too much will make them bitter. We use milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet for a more creamy taste. My little guy loves a little strawberry syrup.  I like pecan syrup and a little butter without the whipped cream on top.  

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