Friday, April 19, 2013

Container Lilies

I love any kind of lily.  This year I wanted to plant a few in a container since we have plans to build a new home.  I wanted them to be easy to move to the new location so I decided to place them into a few pots.  Every year I buy a few new bulbs and tubers.  I can not help it.  It is an addiction for me.  This year I finally got a really deep purple calla lily.  I could not wait to plant it when I got home.  I did not even wait on the little guy to finish his day at school to help me. 

What I used : a few medium sized pots that I liked the shape and color of
                      three bags of potting soil
                      Coffee filters in the bottom of each pot
                      A light layer of pebbles in the bottom of each pot
                     3 daylily Dream Legacy roots
                     3 daylily Calico Jack roots
                     3 calla lily Schwarzwalder bulbs
                     3 dahlia Marble Ball tubers

This is my smaller pot with only Calico Jack in it.  I am waiting on a few lilies I have ordered to add to this mix and compliment each other with similar colors.  I am patiently waiting to see the outlined edges of this plant.

The other three flowers are in the square container.  I placed the calla lilies in the front corner of the pot, the daylilies in the middle from one corner to the other, and last the tall dahlia in the back corner.  I have never planted dahlia before, but the are a beauty.  I love the marble look and could not pass up the "Plant for Hope".  EuroBlooms will donate thirty cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for every package sold.  How could you pass that by?  I am a sucker for all things pink.

I also try to plant something different every year to add a variety.  The only thing that I can not get to live so far is a hydrangea.  I have always wanted a huge one in the yard, but they hate me.  They never even make it through the summer.  Oh well, I am happy everything else always looks amazing. 

More shopping for now while I wait for these little guys to make their presence know this summer.  I can not decide which climbing rose I really want.  Any ideas on your favorite climber?  What is your favorite lily? 


  1. I love lilies, too. I've never grown dahlias. It will be fun to see how well yours does in a container - that sounds like a great idea! Hydrangeas love water, and need it whenever they start sulking (which seems to be often)!

    1. I will update when I get a few blooms. I have my first peeks of green starting to break through today. I will try a hydrangea again once we build.

  2. i love lilies, dahlia and calla too, black calla is very attractive

    1. I love dark colors. I am looking for a really dark iris now.